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Ana Malnar

Born in 1975 in Zagreb, where she completed elementary school and attended the IV gymnasium (graduated from USA-Notre Dame High School). She completed her undergraduate studies in 1999 at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Teacher Education and her postgraduate studies in 2012 at the University of Rijeka Faculty of Teacher Education (first generation Master of Pre-School Education). She is currently pursuing postgraduate specialized studies in Drama Education at the Faculty of Education in Zagreb.

During her work and studies, she attended a series of puppetry and art workshops under the artistic direction of multimedia artist Kruna Tarle, whom she met and “got infected” with puppetry and theatre of materials (Puppet Studio of the Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Ribnjak Youth Centre). She is a member of the group Facade – a group led by Kruna Tarle, whose goal is to explore an alternative theatre language (theatre of materials, masks, objects, figures), with which she participated in the play “Nadir”, the author project of Kruna Tarle (Zagreb Puppet Theatre, 2008).

She performs in the puppet show “A Forest of Stories”, which is a co-production of the artistic organization KRUNA TARLE –art (Facades group) and the Youth Center Ribnjak (Scena Ribica).

She is employed in a private kindergarten Dobro Drvo where she works as an educator and runs a theater program. She works as a drama pedagogue at the Tirena Theatre Drama studio.