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Click with theater

Tirena was the project holder of the "Click with theater" project aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who were denied or had difficulty accessing cultural events.

The project “Click with Theater” started on July 9, 2021 and was aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who were denied or had difficulty accessing cultural events.

At the beginning of the project, there were three online discussion sessions in which three plays by Tirena Theater were shown to young people: “Different“, “Inside My Head” and “#Generation”. After seeing the plays, the young people discussed the topicality of theater as a medium, engaged theater and the possibilities of staging current problems of young people.

The project included 7 four-week online workshops – acting, movement on stage, playwriting, costume design, set design, recording and editing. 

The podcast workshop lasted 10 weeks. Upon completion of the project, podcast newsrooms were established in 4 cities: Zagreb, Pazin, Osijek and Karlovac. Over the course of four months, each newsroom recorded four Click with Culture podcast episodes. In these 16 podcast shows, 21 interviews were conducted. The shows have 1580 clicks on the Mixcloud and Youtube channels, where they are still available, as well as on the website of Tirena! 

After a three-month online performance workshop where the performers never met in the same room, the play Odotrovanjewas performed with young participants on the Zoom platform. 

Under the expert guidance of 9 leaders, a total of 106 workshop hours were held, involving 110 participants from 17 different cities, who joined the workshops from a wide variety of places: student dormitories, rooms, kitchens, buses, trains, parks, and even ocean liners. During the 72 days, about 40 GB of materials and data were recorded, and about 3000 emails were exchanged during the project. 

The goal of the project was to introduce young people to culture through online interactions with professionals from various arts disciplines and to acquire skills that would enable them to implement it in their own environments. The project encouraged the development of their personal creative potential, self-confidence, and criticism, and enabled them to actively participate in designing digital cultural content and its implementation. Through a series of theatre, film and radiophonic workshops and other guided activities, the participants had learned how to independently produce live online performances, video works and podcasts..

The workshops in the project “Click with Theater” were led by Maja Sviben, Ivan Kristijan Majić, Karla Kostadinovski, Nina Horvat, Tihana Strmečki, Leo Vukelić, Ida Loher, Ksenija Sanković and Marijana Matoković. The podcast editors were Ines ŠkuflićHorvat, Tamara Perković, Roberta Špoljarić and Mirna Šmit, and the producer was Tina Tišljar. The project manager was Vesna Miholić and her assistants were Nina Kunek and Ines Škuflić-Horvat. The coordinator of the promotional activities was Nina Horvat.

Project title: Click with theater
Project holder: Tirena Theatre
Project partners: Cinema Club Karlovac, Cultural Center Osijek, Open University in Pazin
Total project value: HRK 435,831.42
Amount of EU support: HRK 435,831.42
Project duration: 9.7.2021 – 9.7.2022

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.

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