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A play about the acceptance of one's own and others’ differences

Direction: Marijana Matoković
Text and dramaturgy: Nina Horvat
Actors: Lidija Kraljić i Matej Đurević
Music: Jona Jovanović
Costume design: Lucija Prstec Smolčec
Set design: Iva Milley
Stage movement: Tihana Strmečki
Lighting design: Domagoj Klasić
Design: Ana Goja
Photos: Tea Lukinić

“Different” is a play for teenagers that deals with the question of what it is like to be different. In teenage years we are in search of our true “I.” This search is largely conditioned by our environment, which is often cruel. 

Ema and Noa are two seemingly normal teenagers. But they are both different from their peers. They are uncomfortable with their otherness and just want to belong, to be like everyone else, to fit in. They both go to a class where one regular day an incident happens.

“It was Wednesday, after the last class. Everyone wanted to leave because we had a math test the next day. We knew the professor was going to give us assignments we had not done, so we were all nervous. I did not feel like talking about the test. I pushed my way through the crowd and headed home. At the entrance to the courtyard, I saw the boys from class. They were yelling, but I could not understand what they were talking about. And then, suddenly… Bam.” Srđan snapped… 

How do we deal with diversity, how do we accept it as our own uniqueness and personality, how do we accept those who are different from us? Differences and their evaluation are socially conditioned, we learn them as we grow up. Children themselves do not make value judgments according to skin color, religion, gender, origin… they take them over from adults.

The performance is part of the project “Backpack full of culture” of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. 

Opening night date: November 5, 2020