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A special feature of Tirena’s drama teachers is that, in addition to their theater pedagogical education, they themselves have been members of drama studios for many years.

Ines Škuflić-Horvat

Born in Pula. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, where she also got her doctoral degree with a thesis on „


She got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She is the artistic director of Tirena Theatre


Although primarily educated as a dramaturg and playwright (Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb), since 1999 she has also been working as a drama teacher


Born in 1991 in Zagreb, where she completed elementary and secondary school. She graduated in Croatian Studies and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Humanities and


Born in 1990 in Zagreb, where he graduated from elementary and secondary school and college. He has a master’s degree in nutritional sciences, but his

Ana Malnar

Born in 1975 in Zagreb, where she completed elementary school and attended the IV gymnasium (graduated from USA-Notre Dame High School). She completed her undergraduate

Ines Matić Rakoš

INES MATIĆ, mag.prim.educ. was born in 1991. After finishing primary and grammar school she enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities Social Sciences studying Philosophy for

Maja Jukić

Maja Jukić is a professor of Croatian language and philosophy. She is currently teaching Croatian language at a school for foreigners. She was born in


Born in Zagreb, where she completed primary and secondary school and graduated in Croatian studies and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social