Dramatization of a fairy tale

The process of adapting a fairy tale for stage performance, especially when adapting well-known originals for a specific group of people (ten or more), length of time (ten minutes or less), production requirements (0 Euro budget… or something barely higher), sometimes seems difficult and limiting. But none of this is a real problem, but a great incentive for – dramatization. We will explore what fairy tales can offer us as an idea, as a guide for creating scenic images, as an atmospheric guide… Through a series of games and tasks we will try to combine and separate different fairy tales, change their time and place of action, the number and gender of characters, but at the same time we will try to keep their basic ideas.

We will look at how far we can move away from the original and how we can reformulate it.

The workshop will take participants through different parts of the adaptation process, from choosing a suitable template, to exploring what the template offers (themes and motifs, situations, characters…), to preparing the text for stage performance.

PARTICIPANTS: Secondary school students, students, educators, teachers, leaders of children and youth activities