In my head

A play about mental health

Direction: Tina Hofman
Text and dramaturgy: Nina Horvat
Actors: Andrej Kopčok i Selma Sauerborn / Marijana Matoković
 Darko Horvat
Costume design: Lucija Prstec Smolčec
Set design: Ana Rimac i Matea Lemac
Lighting design: Domagoj Klasić
Design: Marko Matijašević

When we break an arm, get pneumonia or some other physical illness, we go to the doctor. But when we have pain “somewhere inside,” we do not know how to or want to seek help.

“Inside my head” is a story about two teenagers, Borna and Vanja. Borna has to make an important decision, and as time goes by, he gets more and more pressured. He becomes more and more anxious and gets panic attacks. Vanja practices volleyball and gives the impression of a cheerful and confident person. But she starts to feel bad about everything and does not know why, she loses interest in things that used to make her happy and becomes listless. No one, not even herself, recognizes the severity of the depression. Neither Borna nor Vanja know how to help themselves… 

Depression can be prevented, so it is important to recognize it in time. Each of us feels anxious from time to time, but it increasingly develops into a disorder and immensely disturbs the everyday life of many people. 

In its already familiar style, the Tirena team presents this original theater project created with the aim of initiating dialogue and raising awareness about the dangers of mental illness and the importance of mental health.

The play is part of the project “I feel”, implemented in cooperation with the City of Zagreb by the artistic initiative BoliMe, as well as the programs of two festivals (20th Bitef Polifoniji, 22nd Meeting of Professional Children’s and Youth Theaters of the Croatian ASSITEJ Center), two professional symposiums (3rd Professional Symposium “Youth and Mental Health” and 3rd Scientific and Artistic Symposium of Theater Pedagogy) and two events (2nd Zagreb MentalFest and 9th River of Psychology). 

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