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Ines Škuflić-Horvat

Born in Pula. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, where she also got her doctoral degree with a thesis on „ Methodical basic of creative drama work with children and young people“  She works as a drama teacher in Tirena Theatre where she is also the project coordinator. She leads drama groups and directs performances with children and young people. With performances staged for Zagreb Youth Theatre she has taken part in about a dozen international festivals. She lead workshops for children and young people in Finland, Israel, Estonia and at the World Children’s Festival in Lingen. She worked as theatre workshops mentor at the Novigrad Spring School of Creativity and lead workshops for the International Theatre Festival in Pula. She was the artistic director of European Children’s Drama Encounter in Pazin, as well as 18 Theatre Camps. She has edited four play collections: Maštoplov, Panika u Strahogradu,  Kaos prije premijere and Pobuna likova. She is the co-author of the manual Playing to understanding which contains examples of drama games and exercises, created as part of the Erasmus + project “Let’s communicate”. She teaches at the Postgraduate Specialist Study of Drama Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education, Zagreb.