A play about loneliness, imaginary friends, and classical music

Direction and stage movement: Tihana Strmečki
Text and dramaturgy: Nina Horvat
Actors: Nina Vidan and Filip Sever
Costume design: Tihana Cizelj
Stage design: Iva Milley
Musical collaboration: Darko Horvat
Lighting design: Domagoj Klasić
Design: Ana Goja

Neva is nine years old; she is in the third grade and has moved for the third time. It is the third time that she has to go to a new school and make new friends because her musician parents got a new job. On the very first day of school, what she was most afraid of happens – everyone in the class already knows each other very well and at recess they play without her… Time passes and Neva feels more and more invisible and lonely.

She feels so lonely that one day she starts to imagine a friend. Together with him she tries to find a cure for invisibility. Through exciting secret agent adventures with classical music, which is part of her everyday life and opens endless spaces of imagination, Neva becomes stronger and braver. She becomes VISIBLE.

The play “Invisible” is about loneliness and the phenomenon of imaginary friends, which children often use to process something that is bothering them. Classical music is an important element in the play – an inspiring starting point that introduces children to the world of play and music.