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We offer innovative performing arts programs with practical, interactive learning. The workshops are designed for professional theater development of children and youth, as well as leaders of children’s and youth activities, and are led by top theater artists and educators. The multi-day workshops take place throughout the year in Tirena, on weekends or in partnership with local organizations. Part of the program can also be organized online.

Working on a monologue

The workshop is an introduction to working on the monologue, a preparation for further work alone or with a mentor: – selecting a monologue –

Process drama

Process drama shifts the boundary between performer and spectator, giving participants the opportunity to create an imaginary world, talk about problems and turn them into

From idea to performance

How do you come up with an idea for a play? How can the idea be developed into performance material using theater techniques, exercises, and

Dramatization of a fairy tale

The process of adapting a fairy tale for stage performance, especially when adapting well-known originals for a specific group of people (ten or more), length


The starting point for writing can be anything – an event, a place, an interesting person, a thought, a sentence, a smell, a color… In