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June 9, 2019

Drama studio

The Tirena Drama Studio consists of 20 drama groups of different ages in 7 different locations, led by 12 drama teachers!


Tirena’s drama pedagogues and students have been participating in various international projects for years. Tirena is currently a partner in three Erasmus+ projects!

Members of our drama studio participated in European theater meetings in Finland, Israel, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland and Denmark, as well as in Erasmus+ projects Bina Mira, Future Telling…


Where to find the appropriate text, how to stage it, how to “engage” many children on stage, how to write your own play… You will find the answers to all these questions in four anthologies with plays about ants, spaceships, cookies, dragons, Robin Hood, quiet people, nervous directors, unusual friendships, wondrous lands, Santa Claus and his helpers, two teaspoons of dust and much, much more!


The Tirena Theatre performs author’s plays that deal with the current problems of children and adolescents. The topics we have dealt with so far have been peer violence, addictions, sex education, life values, mental health, tolerance, loss of a loved one, but also the preservation of the environment and Croatia’s scientific and cultural heritage. There are five plays on the schedule this season! In addition to each performance, we have also prepared a methodical preparation for teachers, in which we have explained the proposed educational achievements based on the goals of the lesson.