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About us

Tirena Theater was founded 26 years ago. We have a drama studio, we stage plays, organize workshops and publish books!

The Tirena Theater was founded in 1997. It is listed in the Theater Register of the Ministry of Culture and Media and is a member of the Croatian ASSITEJ Center.

Tirena Theater has so far performed 43 original plays dealing with the current problems of children and young people. The topics we have covered so far have been peer violence, addictions, sex education, life values, mental health, tolerance, loss of a loved one, preservation of the environment and Croatia’s scientific and cultural heritage.

In the Tirena Drama Studio there are 23 drama groups in 7 different locations, led by 10 drama pedagogues. The Tirena Drama Studio is a place of art pedagogical training for postgraduate specialist studies in theater pedagogy. The theater groups perform their plays at the Tirenafest and at festivals for children and young people. Through the theater play they prepare for participation in the adult world and learn about the art of acting.

We are partners in a number of international projects in which our drama pedagogues and drama studio students participate. Every year our students participate in the “Future Telling” project in Slovenia, as well as EDERED and Bina Mira, which take place in various European countries. So far, they have been to Finland, Israel, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany…

We were the holders of the online project “Click with theater”, co-funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund, which included a series of online workshops and online forums and formed podcast newsrooms in four cities. Currently we are partners in four Erasmus+ projects – “ACT – Act Communicate Transcend”, “The Art of Teaching”, “INSADIA” and “Future Telling”.

Four anthologies of plays were printed in the Tirena Library: “Imagination machine”, “Panic in Fear city”, “Chaos before the premiere” and “Rebellion of characters”. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Let’s Communicate”, a manual for dramatic games and exercises “From Playing to Understanding (Communicating)” was published, which will be used for the processing of materials from Croatian language class. A handbook on drama pedagogy by Ines Škuflić-Horvat, PhD, and a collection of plays for teenagers by playwright Nina Horvat are in preparation.

We have launched a free online platform “The Theater Cheat Sheet”, which serves as an introduction to the art of theater, a reminder of well-known and lesser-known concepts, and an aid to watching a play and talking/analyzing it after watching it

Since 2004, we have been organizing Theater Camp, a theater and drama-pedagogical educational center for the creative and aesthetic development of children and young people and for the training of people who work with children and young people. In doing so, we promote the development of the theater culture, the acquisition of expertise in the medium of theater and the promotion of young artists.

Our projects have so far been funded by: European Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Media, Open Society Institute, City of Zagreb – City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning, Office for Human Rights, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity, Nova banka, INA, Zagrebačka banka, County of Istria, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the City of Pazin.

The Tirena team:
Nina Horvat – Artistic Director,
Ines Škuflić-Horvat – founder and executive director,
Nina Kunek – office manager and sales coordinator,
Katarina Šulc – coordinator of the drama studio,
Maja Sviben – coordinator of international projects,