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A play about imagination and creativity

Direction: Nora Krstulović
Dramaturgy: Nina Horvat
Actors: Davor Kovač i Veronika Mach
Sound design: Darko Horvat
Costume design: Lucija Prstec Smolčec
Set design: Iva Milley
Design: Ana Goja
Photos: Jan Iveta

Do you know what the state, the wheel, your favorite song, and the computer have in common? They were all imagined by someone before they came into existence. Imagination is probably the most important ability of mankind; thanks to it we solve problems, make inventions, and create works of art. The new generations are growing up with technology, surrounded and overwhelmed by a huge amount of content, and that’s why they use their imagination less and less… They rarely get bored. And boredom is necessary for the imagination to get going.

The play “Imagine” deals with imagination and creative thinking, explores the mechanisms of imagination, shows children different ways to daydream and encourages them to think for themselves and dare to be different. Imagination does not require anything except a little time. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to turn your world upside down! The more you daydream, the better you get at it. 

Imagination is the only superpower available TO EVERYONE.