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Students on Erasmus+ internship in Tirena

Students from Escuela de Cine y Video spent two months with us!

In May and June, our team was joined by four students from Escuela de Cine y Video! Alex Merino, Claudia Bach, Giselle Asensio and Julen Pinillos did their Erasmus+ internship with us and were a wonderful addition to Tirena. 

During these two months, they took photos in all the drama groups during classes and they made teasers for all of our end of the year drama group performances. Since we have 21 drama groups, this is not a small task. 

They also worked on Tirenafest, our festival of drama group performances – they took (and edited) photos of all of the performances and recorded them. They also helped with the light design! 

Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm Alex, Claudia, Giselle and Julen! 

We are happy to announce we will be hosting more ESCIVI students next year.