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Imagination is a superpower

To make it easier for the kids to stay at home during the pandemic, we decided to help them with different creative tasks and theater games :)

The series “Imagination is a superpower” was created with the desire to make it easier for children and parents to stay at home and to help teachers in online classes with a series of creative theater and dramatic assignments! 

On October 16, 2020, we released the first “Imagination is a superpower” video. To date, we have released a total of 27 videos that have been viewed over 90,000 times on our social networks! About a dozen elementary schools have integrated the series into their online lessons, allowing entire classes to work on our assignments. The goal of the series was to teach children content that did not just consist of looking at a screen, but encouraged them to get creative themselves. The tasks and games in the series were based on Tirena’s plays as well as books and plays from theater education. We received about a hundred children’s works. 

Imagination does not require anything except a little time. The more you daydream, the better you get at it. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to turn your world upside down! 

Imagination is the only superpower available to EVERYONE!